Uses of Photometers

Just to reiterate, photometers are used to measure light intensity. Photometers do so in the following ways. Illuminance Illuminance is the measure of the degree to which light illuminates a surface, and the wavelength is weighed luminosity function to compare it with the perception of the brightness witnessed by the eye. The human eye is …

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Rumford’s photometer

Rumford’s photometer works on the notion that the brighter a light source is, the thicker the shadow it cast.

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Incident-light photometers

These photometers use an incident-light meter that measures the amount of light falling on the subject. It is the most accurate of the five photometers. In around 1861, three different types of photometers were adopted for use then, and they are as follows;

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Spot photometers

Here, light readings are gotten from different areas of the subject being photographed, and then the photographer uses these readings so that he/she may know how to set the exposure of the camera for the studied areas.

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Built-in photometers

These are photometers that are integrated into the camera. The practice came about when the importance of a photometer in picture taking was discovered.