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This web site was developed by psychologists at the Department of Clinical Health Psychology, Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is part of a research project that was funded by an Innovation Grant from the Health Quality Council of Saskatchewan. It was also generously supported by the Saskatoon Health Region.

The materials on this web site have been put together as a Group Education program (Power Point Presentation, Workbook, and Wall Map). Currently the program is being researched to determine its efficacy. Principal Investigator: Dr. Fern Stockdale Winder Research Assistant: Jason Jordan Co-Investigators/Collaborators: Bette Brazier, Dr. Sarah Hillis Consultant: Dr. Michael McGregor


Authors: Jason Jordan, Bette Brazier, Dr. Fern Stockdale Winder. Most of the material was written collaboratively. Some sections were sole authored – BB wrote the Forgiveness Meditation, FSW wrote the material in Relaxation Cove.

Web Design: Heather Trueman

Graphics: Jeff Spokes ([email protected])

Thanks to the following authors for generously allowing us to publish their questionnaires on-line:

Esther Greenglass — Reactions to Daily Events Questionnaire

Paul Wong — Personal Meaning Profile

Thank you also to the many authors and researchers whose work we have referenced throughout this web site. We have made every effort to portray the information accurately – if there are errors we apologize, and invite corrections!

Interested in Using Materials from the Web Site?

Saskatoon Health Region has copyright on all original material on this web site. Copying of materials from this site is only allowed for personal use. Publication of materials for any other purpose may only be done with the authors’ permission. Contact Dr. Fern Stockdale Winder, at [email protected], for permission to copy original material on this site. If you wish to copy materials that were written by another author (as cited on the web site), you will need to seek that author’s permission directly.

Interested in Leading a Road to Well-Being Group?

The materials on this web site are also available in an educational group format. The group format is currently being researched to determine efficacy. Pending research results, it will be made available to mental health professionals to use in Saskatchewan. Health professionals from outside Saskatchewan seeking the educational group materials may be charged a fee.

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