Method Of Extinction Of Shadows

Here, the photometer works by removing shadows, as the process implies. If a light source casts the shadow on an opaque object onto a screen, if a second source is introduced at a certain distance, it will eradicate the shadow.

When it comes to the water industry, the following are the different types of photometers required.

  • Photometers that are used in pisciculture that is, fish farming. They ensure that the right amount of light is available in the water for the fish to survive as well as thrive.
  • Photometers that ascertain the level of oxygen in water along with the ph of the water. The photometer also determines if there is the presence of any phosphates or other minerals.
  • Photometers that are used in pools and bathrooms for control of the amounts of light that can be absorbed in the materials.
  • Photometers that establish the oxygen demand in water bodies needed for different purposes.