Welcome to the Road to Well-Being web site. We hope that you find the information on this web site helpful in your own personal journey toward better emotional and physical health. The information on this site attempts to summarize some of the most recent psychological research in the area of well-being, and to provide you Read more about Welcome![…]

Mount Forgiveness

Sometimes things happen in our lives that are very painful. A parent may have been abusive, a partner, unfaithful, a good friend may have betrayed us in some way. These kinds of things can shatter our lives. They are very difficult experiences to recover from and some people never do recover completely. There are also Read more about Mount Forgiveness[…]

Social Connection

There is a growing body of research showing the importance of having positive relationships in our lives. In fact, the kinds of relationships as well as the number of social relationships we have greatly contribute to our overall mental and physical health One of the keys to making and maintaining connections with others is the Read more about Social Connection[…]

Port Hope

All About Optimism and hope are very similar concepts in some ways. Essentially, developing optimism and hope both depend on having or developing a positive attitude. So, attitude is the main idea that joins these two concepts. There is a subtle difference between optimism and hope though. Optimism is more about the present, the right Read more about Port Hope[…]

The Forest of Conflict

A disagreement between two or more people over values, needs, beliefs, perceptions, or expectations. It can arise from ineffective and unclear communication, but this is not necessarily the case. Because we are all different, differences in points of view are inevitable. Conflict can be a good thing. It has the potential to increase understanding, stimulate Read more about The Forest of Conflict[…]